– Varner Meats, LLC is a third generation family farm, specializing in fresh meat and pig roasts. 

Our animals are:

  • humanely treated and free-range
  • born and raised on our family farm in Midland County
  • fed a natural, well-balanced diet, including feed raised on our farm and no growth promotants.

About Varner Meats, LLC

Varner Meats, LLC is located at 571 N. Homer Road, Midland, Michigan. Russ and Cindy Varner have resided at this location since 1981. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Husbandry, Russ returned to the family farm and continues to farm full time.

Russ and Cindy have raised three children: Ryan (Courtney), Rachel (Steve) Pankratz and Kyle.  They have seven grandchildren.

Russ and Cindy started Varner Meats, LLC in 2010, after receiving many inquiries from people wishing to purchase farm fresh meat.

Beef, pork and chickens are available for sale in individual frozen cuts or bulk orders and can be picked up at the farm by appointment.  Occasionally, you can catch us at the Midland Farmer’s Market. 

Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving and occasionally the rest of the year.

Russ also continues to roast pigs for individuals, churches and businesses for any occasion.

Have any questions? Ready to place an order?

Go to our ‘Order/Contact Us‘ page and complete the form or call Russ at (989) 859-8799.