Thank you to all of our customers!  We appreciate you and we will see you next year!

We had a great flock of turkeys this year (2023).  We do still have turkeys available that we have frozen after Thanksgiving.  Please see the list of what is available and contact us if you want to place an order.

Whole turkey 13 – 24 lbs. $3.00/lb.
Turkey breasts (boneless) 3-5 lbs/pkg. $6.00/lb.
Turkey thighs 2 – 4 lbs./pkg. $4.00/lb.
Turkey legs 1 – 2 lbs./pkg. $4.00/lb.

Payment Method:  Cash or check

Have any questions? Ready to place an order?

Go to our ‘Order/Contact Us‘ page and complete the email form

or call Russ/Cindy at (989) 859-8799.

THANK YOU!                  

We receive our 1-day old turkeys from the hatchery in the summer (~450 of them). They are raised on our farm until the Sunday and Monday prior to Thanksgiving. They are never frozen, unless sold later than Wednesday before Thanksgiving or arrangements are made to freeze for those who pick their turkey up later.